Do Organic Pads and Tampons Shorten Your Period?

There are so many benefits to switching to organic period products – whether your reasons are increased welfare or reducing pesticide use in the environment. Organic helps farmers and helps to improve the soil, water and air of our planet. One reason that some people choose organic pads and tampons is because they’re thought to give you a shorter period. But are these miraculous rumours true? Read on to find out!

Where it all began

Many people have taken to Twitter to share the story of how switching to organic period products has made their period shorter than usual – some have even said it’s made them less painful! It all started with this tweet:


organic tampons shortening periods tweet


While the tweet received numerous replies from users that found their period to be shorter than usual when using organic products, others responded arguing that simply could not be the case and that the menstrual cycle is not impacted by the products you choose to use. Some also linked to this article written by OB/GYN Jen Gunter.

Do organic period products really shorten periods?

The short answer is: it’s unlikely. Other than anecdotal evidence, there’s no scientific research that provides reason to believe that organic tampons or pads are responsible for your periods getting shorter. Much like the myth of periods syncing up with others. What’s more likely to explain changes in the length of your period are fluctuations in your weight, stress levels and general health.

Why organic period products are better

Whether or not organic period products shorten your period, we still think they’re the best choice available. Conventional cotton is sprayed heavily with pesticides, which can cause harm to your body when using them, farmers growing the cotton, and the air, earth and water. Organic is a proactive choice to reduce unnecessary exposure to pesticide residues such as glyphosate or dioxins created from non-organic bleaching processes. Both of these chemicals are classed as carcinogens by the Word Health Organisation. So in short, our certified organic period products are a better choice for you, workers and the planet.

Have an organic period

Better for you, farmers, creatures, and the planet – choose certified organic period products.

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How to shorten your period

Were you hoping that organic period products would shorten your period? Are you still interested in shortening your period? There are a few things that could help:

Hormonal Contraception

Hormonal contraception can be used to regulate your cycle and can sometimes have the effect of reducing PMS symptoms like cramps or shortening your period. If you take the pill and want to skip your period altogether, it is also safe to take the pill continuously instead of having a monthly seven-day break (just be sure to check with your doctor before doing this!).

Having an orgasm

Did you know that the uterine contractions caused when you orgasm can help your uterus to shed blood faster? If you want your period to be over quicker than usual, an orgasm might help it on its way, or at least help you to pass the time!

Looking after your general health

By sleeping, eating and moving well, you’re less likely to experience unusual weight fluctuations which can help your body to maintain a regular menstrual cycle. This might not shorten your period, but it will help it to be as predictable as possible! What’s more, maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle can lighten your flow too.

Thinking about switching to organic periods? Take a look at our certified organic period products!

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