23 of the Best Period Tweets

Twitter at it’s best is a generator of great discourse and very funny snippets about almost anything – including the menstrual cycle! At Natracare, we’re invested in conversations around periods, breaking taboos and learning about bodies.

Experiencing periods is not always easy, whether it’s period cramps, robust cravings, or a roller coaster of mood swings – those that have periods can also have a laugh, and those that don’t can learn whilst laughing. So in honour of much of the world’s population bleeding monthly we put together some of our favourite tweets about periods:

  1. Did I do that? 👀
  2. Spilling the tea on plant based plastic 🍵
  3. Ready for Broadway
  4. It’s like the period ringtone
  5. If periods were visible…
  6. RIP my uterus
  7. What are you into?
  8. We stan Charli XCX
  9. If boys had periods…
  10. Our new favourite code word
  11. Where’s the lie?
  12. I’m sorry, matriarchy
  13. Keeping it real 💯
  14. Genius DIY pocket
  15. Which grammatical punctuation is better?
  16. Sorry, not sorry…
  17. She’s the man
  18. Is your vagina connected?
  19. Share any A+ tweets about periods in the comments below 👇

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