23 of the Best Period Tweets

One more menstrual cycle left in this decade — can you believe it?! Through those impossible cramps, robust cravings, and roller coaster mood swings, we all need a little laugh. So in honour of bleeding monthly for a decade, here are 23 of our favourite tweets in 2019 about periods:

1. Did I do that? 👀


2. Spilling the tea on plant based plastic 🍵


3. Ready for Broadway


4. It’s like the period ringtone


5. If periods were visible…


6. RIP my uterus


7. Time to take down the patriarchy


8. What are you into?


9. Apple bottom jeans and the tampon with the string


10. We stan Charli XCX


11. If boys had periods…


12. What do you see?


13. Our new favourite code word


14. Where’s the lie?


15. I’m sorry, matriarchy


16. Spooktober took a bloody turn


17. Keeping it real 💯


18. Genius DIY pocket


19. Which grammatical punctuation is better?


20. Sorry, not sorry…


21. She’s the man


22. Is your vagina connected?


23. It’s like a Disneyland ride


Share any A+ tweets about periods in the comments below 👇

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