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Time to choose

Shopping can be an arduous task. Faced with a daunting wall of products, all claiming to be the best, our response can often be to grab the nearest, brightest or cheapest product. Like most people you are probably doing your shopping in a rush and just want to get it done.

But, the choices we make in the supermarket, at the local shops or when shopping online can have a huge impact on others. What may seem like a quick, simple decision may lead to a very dark reality for someone else.

Living in a world of capitalism and consumerism we all have the power to influence, take a stance and make change with our money. Let’s consider an average shopping trip where you might buy some milk, meat and veg for dinner and some bathroom cupboard essentials like shampoo and tampons. You can make a difference by choosing the organic variety of each of those items – including the tampons! Why? Because choosing organic means you are choosing to take care of people and the planet. Here’s how:

Fewer pesticides

Almost 300 pesticides can routinely be used in non-organic farming. Many of these remain in the food we put in our basket and take home and eat. Washing and cooking does not remove pesticides. It’s not just food that’s contaminated either. Cotton is the most heavily pesticide-sprayed crop in the world, but often gets forgotten when it comes to choosing organic. Did you know up to 77 million cotton farmers worldwide suffer from pesticide poisoning each year? The cottoned on campaign is highlighting the dangers of non-organic cotton so make sure you #chooseorganic for your clothes, fabrics and feminine hygiene!

No artificial colours & preservatives

Choosing organic produce ensures the absence of hydrogenated fats and controversial artificial food colours & preservatives all of which are banned by organic standards. With organic it’s nice to know exactly what you are getting. “Organic carrots” are just carrots – no additives, no chemicals!

Why aren't 'organic carrots' just called 'carrots'?

Always free range

If you are buying organic meat and dairy then you can rest assured that the highest animal welfare standards have been applied. For example, the Soil Association organic standards require that animals have access to organic pasture, where only natural fertilisers are used, and are truly free range. Animals must have plenty of space and are fed as natural a diet as possible. Many people also don’t know that the Soil Association COSMOS Organic certification requires beauty products to be cruelty free. Choosing Organic ensures the highest level of animal welfare.

No routine use of antibiotics

Organic means happier, healthier animals, raised without the need for routine use of antibiotics. The excessive use of antibiotics in our meat means we consume more antibiotics than we are aware of and we are at risk of building a resistance, meaning antibiotics won’t cure us from disease any more. This is why the Soil Association is fighting the use of antibiotics in our meat and offering organic, antibiotic-free choices.

GM Free

GM ingredients and crops are banned under the Soil Association standard. With all the labelling out there (“natural”, “GM Free”, “organic”, etc…) it can be confusing which label to go by. By choosing products with the Soil Association Organic Logo you can be sure “GM Free” is included. All you have to do is #lookforthelogo.

Higher quality

The high quality of life naturally goes on to produce a higher quality of produce. A recent study published in the British Journal of Nutrition revealed organic milk and meat contain around 50% more beneficial omega-3 fatty acids than non-organic. This is due to the more natural grass-based diet that the animals on organic farms benefit from. Some organic products might cost a bit more, but you get a higher quality for it. Besides – what you don’t pay, the planet pays! Organic September is a great opportunity to try out new organic products that are on promotion throughout the UK – including the whole Natracare range!

Next time you go shopping, make your choice count.

Get involved this Organic September and share your experiences using the hashtags #OrganicSeptember and #Chooseorganic.

Eat.Drink.Use.Choose. Choose Organic.

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