Celebrate Organic Beauty & Wellbeing Week

organic beauty week

The cosmetics and beauty industry are among the most rampant for exposing potential toxins and chemicals to consumers. There are over 80,000 ingredients in use in beauty products – many of which haven’t been tested for safety or regulated. That’s a pretty terrifying thought, and naturally the option for choosing organic in our beauty products becomes of paramount importance to trust that what we put on our skin is really looking after us inside and out.

Everyone should have access to take part and learn about the importance of organic beauty and wellbeing.

Enter: Soil Association’s Organic Beauty and Wellbeing Week, from 15th-21st May, Organic Beauty and Wellbeing Week is a chance for everyone to get involved with events, talks and activities with beauty experts and brand founders.

cosmos organic

We’ve seen a lot in the news recently about how many products claim to be organic, yet the actual amount of organic ingredients is minimal, or even non-existent. Cosmetic beauty products are some of the least regulated in the industry and packaging guidelines make it incredibly easy to mislead consumers, the importance of looking for a verifiable logo that you can trust is increasingly necessary.

The cosmos organic logo (cosmetic standards organics) is a trusted seal of approval showing that the product has been tested and meets organic criteria. Organic means reducing your exposure to potential chemicals of concern and toxins.

The Soil Association certifies brands only to the highest organic standards, which is why you can trust products that have the logo of the Soil Association. Looking for the logo should be part of everyone’s buying process when shopping for organic products.

So how can YOU get involved?

London-based beauty lovers get yourself down to the pop-up organic beauty & wellbeing shop at Protein Studios, New Yard Inn in Shoreditch! There you’ll find all your organic beauty favourites, as well as workshops and talks by great brands and organic champions. It’s a welcome change to meet brand founders, shop new product ranges and engage with the panel discussions, workshops and talks from some of the very best in the organic beauty & wellbeing business.

Some of the events include an Organic Beauty Masterclass with organic make-up artist Lou Dartford on the 19th May and a Mindfulness talk with organic experts on the 20th. There are also a number of events and promotions throughout the UK. Beautiful.

Organic Beauty and Wellbeing Week is a fantastic opportunity to discover new brands and get clued on all things organic. New events throughout the week are still being announced, so keep an eye on Social Media and follow the hashtags #LookForTheLogo and #CampaignForClarity. See you there.

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