Bristol Grand Prix Showcases Women’s Cycling

Women’s sport is starting to create space for itself in a much deserved spotlight – finally! After the recent successes of the Women’s Euro Football Cup and currently the Women’s Rugby World Cup, women are starting to get better and rightly earned coverage. No doubt there is still an incredibly long way to go, but it’s good to see change. There is clearly a thirst to see all genders take to the sporting stage. This Saturday will offer one such event in Bristol. The hilly, windy streets will transform into a super-speed highway for cyclists taking part in the annual Bristol Grand Prix.

Organised by Bristol Cycling Collective Le Sportif, the race is a significant event in the national cycling calendar. Bringing thrilling, elite-level circuit cycle racing to the heart of the vibrant city, Le Sportif aims to change and improve lives through the power of cycling, a vision we wholeheartedly share.

Bristol to be European City of Sport 2017

There will be an extra buzz around the Bristol Grand Prix this year as Bristol, alongside 15 other European cities, has been named a European City of Sport 2017. The title recognises, among other things, Bristol’s great sports facilities, current physical activity levels and success of local sports clubs. What better way to celebrate than attending the Grand Prix which hopes to attract around 400 elite cyclists and draw crowds of around 25,000 spectators. The women’s races start at 2.15 and 4.15pm (full timetable here).

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Cycling = Protecting the Planet

For Natracare cycling and protecting the environment go hand in hand. This is why we’re proud to be a lead sponsor of the Bristol GP event. It isn’t the first time Natracare has given financial backing to a cycling event either. In 2015 Natracare sponsored “Le COP Crusade”, organised by local Bristol not-for-profit community interest company Love The Future which involved a group from Bristol cycling 250 miles over 4 days to Paris to raise awareness of the COP21 climate talks.

Proud to promote women in sport

Susie Hewson, founder of Natracare, is a keen cyclist and for this reason is delighted for Natracare to be the main sponsor of the Women’s Grand Prix. Susie has cycled through the sweltering Jordanian desert and along the impressive Great Wall of China, raising money for charity along the way. Natracare also has an encouraging stance on staff using pedal power to get to work.

Susie Hewson explains, “We are thrilled to be helping raise the profile of cycling in Natracare’s home city and in particular supporting women in sport. Cycling is a fantastic activity that can be enjoyed in so many different ways, with friends, on your own, as part of your commute or at the weekend. It has the added benefit of helping to reduce local pollution and congestion. Also, did you know there are many reasons it’s good to cycle during your (menstrual) cycle?

Hope to see you there!

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