What to put in your Christmas travel bag?

Whether it is crashing at a friend’s house after a Christmas party, staying with a partner or visiting family for a few days, there is a good chance at this time of year that you’ll be away overnight more often than usual. What with all the Christmas wrapping to do you may find yourself with not much time to think about what to pack. This is where we can help!

We have collected together our top 5 both helpful and essential items to pack during this busy festive season to ensure you get a good night’s sleep wherever you are staying.

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Keep Your Skin Toxic Free this Season

You get home after a Christmas party, possibly one too many mince pies down and mulled wines up, more than ready to hit the hay. Tired and late AND on a work night, you weigh up whether to go through your usual ritual of removing all your make-up before heavenly sleep… you reach for your trusted cleansing wipe to help get you there faster.

Sound familiar? We’re amidst the busy festive party season, often wearing more make-up, more often than usual, with our fuller social calendar. After a night out we often opt for the ease of removing all our make-up using face wipes, and why not? It’s much easier and faster than going through the rigmarole of our usual cleansing routine.

But have you ever considered what toxins are lurking in your trusted face wipes? The use of just one conventional wipe can apply up to 32 chemicals onto your skin!

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The Natracare Advent Calendar 2016, every day gives!

Take a look at our beautiful advent calendar tree – updated daily with charitable donations from us to the world. ‘Tis the season to share and give. 

The festive season is filled with traditions, and one of our favourites at Natracare is our advent calendar of charitable donations. Learn more by clicking the calendar below to look through advent calendar, updated daily for each day we donate to a different charity and cause we believe in throughout December.

natracare advent calendar
Giving and sharing is exactly what Christmas is all about, and we know that our customers around the world would be happy that we are investing our profits into causes that truly make a difference. So what and who do we donate to?

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Why so SAD? How to keep the winter blues at bay

Seasonal Affective Disorder: what is it, and what can you do to to help keep the winter blues at bay?


It’s official: summer clothes and sandals have been stowed away under our beds until next year and, we’ve broken out our warmer boots and blanket scarves. Hurrah!

But as winter months draw closer and the sunlight pouring through our curtains each morning gets replaced by the misty glow of streetlights, we tend to feel a bit less sunny in our mood. Whilst it’s perfectly normal to feel more energetic when the weather is bright and the days are long, often we can find it more difficult to get out of bed on cold, dark mornings.

This lack of energy as summer comes to an end and the autumn leaves roll in can be linked to a depression-type disorder called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). The symptoms usually present themselves around this time of year as feelings of lethargy, persistent low mood and disrupted sleeping patterns.

Studies vary in determining how many people suffer from this seasonal depression – some say 6% of us are affected, whilst other say as many as 30%. According to Dr Michael F Horlick, author of The Vitamin D Solution, women are four times more likely to suffer than men.

What happens when you’re SAD?

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Why Use a Period Tracker or App?

Technology is fantastic, useful, and insidiously part of our lives. Period Apps are another arrival that are fast on the rise, but should we, or indeed need we, use an app to track our menstrual cycles? Or are they another piece of tech unnecessarily monitoring our data?

track your period

Our team took a look at some of the popular apps on the market and considered the benefits and issues of tracking your menstrual cycle.

Here’s are our top takeaways:

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Top 5 Exercises To Do Whilst Menstruating

Top 5 Period Exercises

For centuries women have been tracking their monthly cycles, often dreading the days Aunt Flo settles in for a visit. We know all too well the struggles of being female and the mere thought of exercising during this “time of the month” can naturally be the last thing on our mind. Afterall, who wants to in a grueling spin class during the peak of their period, when instead, we could be curled up with a hot water bottle, binging on Netflix?

So what are the benefits of exercising while menstruating? 

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Why you shouldn’t flush tampons down the toilet


Do you throw your tampon down the toilet? Apparently half of UK women do. If you are one of these, please read on!

There are just 3 things that belong down a toilet: pee, poo and toilet paper. That means no wipes, no tampons, no applicators, and certainly no pads!

For over a decade Natracare has been promoting “Bag It & Bin It” for disposal of feminine hygiene products, but it seems that all too many of us are set in the habit of flushing our products away.

A report by the Marine Conservation Society estimates that in Britain we flush 1.5bn to 2bn sanitary items each year. It’s very costly to unblock (increasing our water bills), and can have very ugly consequences. When drains get blocked up or overwhelmed, they spill over into gardens and on streets. Yuck!

It’s easy to see why there is this miseducation, when so many wipes manufacturers state on their labelling that products are “flushable”. Wessex Water is one of many organisations calling out for an end to the deceptive labelling, backed by campaigning organisations such as City to Sea, Surfers Against Sewage, Marine Conservation Society and Litter Free Coast and Sea.

So how should you dispose of used tampons?

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