5 Shocking Period Poverty Facts and How to Help

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Natracare has joined The Environmenstrual Coalition, a group of like-minded organisations taking #PeriodAction for healthy, eco-friendly menstrual products. 

Together with activists, menstrual-preneurs, social enterprises, and businesses, we are coming together to make a big noise about periods during the Environmenstrual Week of Action, 13th-20th October. The Week of Action is a national campaign led by Women’s Environmental Network (WEN) and seeks to amplify the message that access to safe menstrual products shouldn’t be a privilege of the few, but a fundamental right for the many. Want to know why we’re taking #PeriodAction now? Continue reading

Seven Superfoods and Simple Ways to Use Them in your Meals

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The word Superfood sounds like an impressive foodie term but the definition is actually really simple – a superfood is a food that is especially rich in nutrients, and is usually plant-based. We’re advocates of vegan and vegetarian cooking and we believe that everybody could do with more plant-based nutrients! But how do you incorporate so-called superfoods into your everyday meals?

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9 Tips For Running On Your Period

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Exercising seems like a struggle – no, wait – everything seems like a struggle when you’re on your period. And if you’re a regular runner, you know that your morning jog on your period can be filled with dread and embarrassment – Am I leaking? Am I going to get cramps? Will I have to embarrassingly quit half way through?

We hate to sound like a broken record but running – even on your time of the month – can be great for you, especially for beating the bloat, easing the cramps, and sleeping soundly… sounds dreamy, right? If you still want to get a sweat on, here are our 9 top tips for running on your period.

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5 Very Good Questions (and Answers) About Organic Cotton

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We get lots of emails asking us about our products and the supply chains that exist to create them. We absolutely love that our customers are so interested in where their favourite products come from.

This Organic September, we thought we’d take the opportunity to write a bumper response to some of your questions about organic cotton – the soft, fluffy, interesting and important crop that Natracare products are made from.

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How To Be Vegan On a College Student Budget

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The limitations of a dorm kitchen and living off student loans each semester can make vegan cooking difficult.

Homecooked meals and surrounded by grocery stories… luxuries like these are no more as a student! Though it’s healthy to treat yo’ self on the occasion with a pint of vegan Ben and Jerry’s or fancy nut cheeses, dairy and meat alternatives can get expensive.

We’ve written a guide to help you stay in budget while following a vegan diet during your studies with ideas that won’t break your student bank.

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