Trans People Talk Periods in Shades Of Red Zine

Building on its commitment to support and amplify marginalised voices in conversations about periods, sustainable period products brand Natracare have launched a zine called Shades of Red, which shares unique stories of having a period as a trans, non-binary, or gender-diverse person.

The first issue, titled The Gender Issue, aims to destigmatise and normalise the diverse experiences from those who are not cisgender women with periods and encourage support and allyship.

This collective piece includes the creative and anecdotal works from seven trans and non-binary creators including trans activist, writer and model Kenny Ethan Jones (he/him), transgender and YouTube sensation Noah Adams (he/him), award-winning artist and filmmaker Fox Fisher (he/they), non-binary LGBTQ educator Lex Horwitz (they/them), and more.

Kenny Ethan Jones says: “I think it’s really empowering to have a period related resource that just showcases trans people. Growing up I really needed something like this, but I’m glad it’s available for the next generation.

Trans and non-binary people like me deserve to be part of the conversation around periods and healthcare,” says Fox Fisher.

I’m contributing to this zine because as someone who’s trans non-binary, it’s extremely important to be a part of these amazing efforts to dismantle gender norms and help shift the conversation about periods to be more inclusive!” says Meg.

The Shades of Red: Gender Issue is made up of four sections which includes:

  • Educational articles created by Natracare (proofread by Kenny Ethan Jones).
  • The ‘Per[iod]spectives’ section in the form of photography, illustrations, letters, poetry and more from contributors.
  • The ‘Allyship’ section on how to be a good ally to the trans/non-binary community (proofread by Kenny Ethan Jones).
  • A ‘Standing Ov(ul)ation’ section dedicated to the individuals, brands and organisations putting in the work to amplify these voices daily.

The zine will also link to sponsored videos created by contributors who have shared their intimate and unique experiences of having a period on their own platforms.

Everyone deserves to be able to speak openly and honestly about their period experiences without fear or shame. Sadly, this isn’t always the reality and people who aren’t cisgender women can often be left out of the conversation. In this zine, we’re excited to have worked with some incredible creators to help platform the true diversity and complexity of having a period. We hope the zine broadens existing knowledge and understanding for somebody without the lived experience, and also inspires positive action, from practicing allyship, to signing critical petitions,” says Jessica Gitsham, sales and marketing manager at Natracare.

Last week was Transgender Day of Visibility, but let’s keep the conversation going. Let’s continue to listen, read, learn, and use our platform to pass the mic to diverse voices in this space every day, not just for one day,” adds Gitsham.

Read or download the Shades of Red Gender Issue here.

Notes to editors:

Natracare is the first company in the world to provide plastic-free, certified organic cotton tampons and totally chlorine-free sanitary pads and panty liners. Natracare products are biodegradable and can even be composted. Susie Hewson created the brand in 1989 in response to the growing danger to human health and the environment from dioxin pollution in the pulping industries with the bleaching of paper products.

Kenny Ethan Jones is a model, activist and entrepreneur. His activism focuses on: menstruation, body politics, mental health and intimacy

Fox Fisher is an award-winning artist, filmmaker and prominent trans-rights campaigner.

Meg is an Asian American, trans non-binary artist. They create art and apparel that represents and fights for the QTBIPOC and LGBTQIA+ communities.

Noah Adams is an LGBT British YouTuber and Instagram star who gained fame for his music covers and vlogs. Noah has been an inspiration to young kids trying to figure out a way to come out to their parents and society.

Lex Horwitz is a queer, non-binary transmasculine Jewish LGBTQ+ Educator, Activist, Model and Mental Health Advocate based in Philadelphia.

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