15 Hilarious Tweets About Periods in a Pandemic

Self-isolating and social distancing during the sunnier months doesn’t feel fair, and to be frank, neither does having a period during a pandemic! Maybe reading tips for relieving period cramps at home will help? Or perhaps with the aid of these funny tweets about having periods during COVID-19, you’ll find comfort in knowing you aren’t the only one feeling the pressure.

1 – Talk about perfect timing!

2 – Strength in numbers

3 – Every little helps

4 – Who’s starting the petition?

5 – Destroy the patriarchy!

Know what you’re putting in your body?

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organic non-applicator tampons

Make the switch today

6 – Pain is… progress? 🤷

7 – The audacity!

8 – Who’s gonna tell him?

9 – We knew the economy would take a hit, but THIS?!

10 – Lazy days – all day everyday

11 – What is time?

12 – Furlough sounds like a pretty sweet deal now

13 – Who’s tuning in?

14 – 8PM claps for people with periods!

15 –  It’s one way to pass the time…

How are you coping with a period during quarantine? Let us know in the comments below!

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