12 Days of Christmas Giving 2017

‘Tis the season of spreading Christmas joy and goodwill, an important time to reach out to people in need.

For Natracare our work goes far beyond personal care products. We are a brand that thrives on a supporting local, national and global organisations and initiatives all year round. For the 12 days of Christmas we want to share with you a selection of 12 of the wonderful causes that we partnered with in 2017 and the amazing work they are doing.

Day 1 – African Initiatives

A women’s rights charity in Africa creating sustainable solutions through empowerment and education while bringing about meaningful change to individuals and communities. We’re passionate about supporting and campaigning for the rights and health of women worldwide and we were thrilled to be able to support such an empowering cause.

Day 2 – Pledge to Refill £750 FRANK Water Initiative

Only 57% of PET (polyethylene terephthalate), the plastic used to make single-use plastic bottles, is collected for recycling. This means a huge proportion of plastic is left to clog up our oceans and ecosystems. We teamed up with the fantastic FRANK Water to help stop the selling of bottled water in the campaign called #PledgeToRefill, where all the money raised went to FRANK Water’s international safe water programmes that aim to provide clean and safe drinking water to people across the world.

Day 3 – M32 Stakepark and Community Space

A group of passionate volunteers and community groups were determined to turn the unused and litter-filled space below the M32 motorway, in Bristol, into a better social environment for the public. With their fundraising target reached, they can start to create as many eco-friendly and sustainable solutions to the problems in the underpass as possible. A project close to home, we are excited to see this area be put to good use and help improve local people’s lives.

Day 4 – Women in Sustainability

Another amazing local Bristol organisation we have had the opportunity to get involved with is Women in Sustainability, who are on a mission to enable women to flourish in careers that are building a sustainable world. This year they ran events throughout the UK promoting gender equality, networking and idea sharing in the sustainability sector.

Day 5 – Raw Talks

Plastic has been a hot topic of 2017 (and may it continue!) so we were delighted to be involved in the ‘RAW Talks: Plastic’ event this year. Natracare’s founder and director, Susie Hewson, shared her story and solution alongside other guest speakers on how we need to challenge and motivate businesses, politicians and the public to drastically reduce the amount of plastic waste they generate.

Day 6 – Sprouts Healthy Community Foundation

Natracare endeavours to help those in need on the other side of the world as much as those closer to home. This year we teamed up with The Sprouts Foundation, who work with grass roots organisations to create and support educational programmes for underprivileged children in Asia. They are making huge steps towards a world where all children, especially the underprivileged, receive quality education to create a positive, future world.

Day 7 – TedX Talks Bristol

The two-day TedX Talks Bristol 2017 event was full of activities devoted to spreading ideas, from inspirational speakers to interesting workshops, encouraging collective action and disrupting at scale. Bex Baxter talked about how we need to end the workplace taboo around periods, and Natalie Fee shared her mission of trying to stop plastic pollution being flushed down our toilets and into our seas.

Day 8 – Community Farm – Adopt a crop

Natracare have adopted fennel plants through the adopt-a-crop scheme with The Community Farm, and the sponsorship is helping to provide learning opportunities for children, adults and vulnerable people, aimed at nurturing a safe and accessible learning environment in which people from all walks of life can learn about food, from farm to fork. They have also been able to explore therapeutic programmes for those with mental and physical health difficulties.

Day 9 – We Feed the World

The Gaia Foundation have set up the ‘We Feed the World’ campaign. They are teaming up with world-renowned photographers, farming communities, farmers’ movements and civil society groups to create powerful imagery and convey amazing stories to the wider public.

Day 10 – Bristol GP Women’s road racing

2017 saw 400 elite cyclists take to the streets of Bristol for an exciting super-speed cycling event, 2017 Bristol Gran Prix, inspiring Bristolians to #LoveTheFuture of cycling. We teamed up with Le Sportifs in their mission to change and improve lives through the power of cycling. With many keen cyclists at Natracare we were delighted to be the main sponsor of the Women’s race and support women in sport.

Day 11 – 5 Gyres – More Ocean Less Plastic

We are proud to be able to support 5 Gyres in taking a stand against the use of single-use plastics. Here at Natracare we are passionate about supporting the plastic free movement as millions of menstrual products containing plastic are flushed down the toilet and into our oceans. Take a look at 5 Gyres plastic free shopping guide for tips on how to reduce your plastic footprint.

Day 12 – Crisis at Christmas appeal

Crisis offer an array of services all aimed at ending homelessness and we are grateful to be able to help get 50 people of the streets this Christmas. All the money donated to the Crisis at Christmas appeal helps to create a safe, warm and welcoming place for men and women to spend the festive period.

Together we can achieve a better, brighter future.

We wish you a very happy Christmas and New Year!

Find out more about what we are doing to help give back.

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