Panty Liners

Panty liners were designed to be used to protect your underwear from staining, so as to keep you feeling dry and comfortable, not as a sanitary pad.

In the middle of your monthly cycle just before and during ovulation, your body produces much more mucus than at all other times of the month. This natural discharge makes your underwear feel damp and can end up making you feel uncomfortable during the day. Wearing a panty liner acts as a shield, helping you to keep dry.

For the same reason, panty liners are useful if you are using any treatment creams or medication that marks the fabric of your underwear.

Using panty liners is a good idea if periods are irregular such as during puberty or during the menopause and can also be used as extra protection when using tampons.

Panty liners are small enough to fit into your handbag or purse so it is a good idea to keep some with you and if your period does start suddenly, then at least you will have the aid of the liner until you get an appropriate sanitary pad.

Remember that panty liners are not meant to be used as sanitary pads.

Some manufacturers add synthetic fragrances to panty liners and through their advertising and marketing, try to make women anxious that they are smelly during their period. Fragrances are not good for the skin, and can also contain formaldehyde releasing preservatives and parabens. If you follow careful personal grooming, you will not have any unusual vaginal odour. If you experience an unusual discharge which does have an odour, then you must seek medical advice because this could be an indication that you have an infection.

Most doctors will tell you that it is better to wear cotton next to your skin than synthetic fibres and plastics, which make your skin sweat and prevent it from breathing, leading to skin irritation. Natracare panty liners are made from certified organic cotton and other natural materials. They are free from synthetics, plastic, super absorbent gels and fragrances and are compostable.