World Oceans Day 2017

World Oceans Day 2017 is a global day of ocean celebration and collaboration for a better future. Natracare wishes you a happy World Oceans Day! Find encouraging solutions to plastic pollution and help prevent marine litter. We need healthier oceans for a sustainable, safer future.

Run by The Ocean Project, a team who effectively engage organisations and individuals in solutions to create a better future for society and our shared oceans. Saving our oceans goes hand in hand with the RAW Foundation, a charity which is fighting to bring an end to plastic pollution. We’ve recently had the great honour of working with them – taking part in their Raw Talks: A Journey from Source to Solution.

Natracare is fully behind these two movements – not surprisingly, since we are a pioneering, campaigning brand of plastic free products! Our founder, Susie Hewson, is proud of the fact that Natracare didn’t begin as a company, but as a campaign. Even today we are still campaigning for women’s right to know what’s in their products and to have access to menstrual hygiene products that aren’t full of plastic and toxins and potentially harmful to their health.

It is only natural, therefore, that we throw our support wholeheartedly behind causes such as these which aim to protect the environment by educating people about the devastating effect of plastic pollution on our planet, especially in the oceans.

The issues that RAW Foundation shouts about:

  • Huge quantities of plastic which continue to grow at an alarming rate
  • Toxicity of plastic causing widespread environmental damage and pollution
  • Single-use plastic promoting a throwaway consumer culture
  • Corruption and malpractice in the disposal and recycling of plastic

Simple hacks to cut down your plastic waste are:

  • Use a durable stainless steel water bottle and reuse it
  • Avoid all beverages in plastic bottles – opt for cans or glass
  • Use cloth bags instead of plastic bags
  • Say no to all other single-use plastic items (e.g. disposable coffee cups, straws, tampon applicators!) – opt for reusable or biodegradable options
  • Don’t flush tampons, wipes or other period products!

Natracare offers a fantastic range of plastic free pads, tampons, wipes and mother and baby products. If everyone opted for biodegradable products it would make a world of difference. Happy World Oceans Day 2017 from us!

Join the movement against plastic to keep our earth and oceans free from plastic-pollution. Learn more here:


RAW Foundation Facebook

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