Sustainable Fashion: What Are You Wearing?

 sustainable fashion

What’s the difference between ‘sustainable’ fashion and ‘ethical’ fashion? It’s easy to be confused as there is some overlap but it’s worth understanding how the two differ.

Sustainable fashion focusses on the materials you wear, the processes of manufacture and the environmental damage they cause. Ethical fashion looks at the rights and working conditions of those making the products.

So what materials and processes you should be watching out for to be truly sustainable with what you are wearing? Read on.

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Ethical Fashion: 6 essential questions to ask

ethical fashion 6 essential questions

For the ethical and eco-conscious shopper the fashion industry can seem like a megalith: unapproachable, aloof and too large for us to combat.

However your decisions, both big and small, make all the difference. So when it comes to buying yourself some new threads here are 6 simple and essential questions you should be asking yourself to move to a more ethical buying journey.

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Celebrate Organic Beauty & Wellbeing Week

organic beauty week

The cosmetics and beauty industry are among the most rampant for exposing potential toxins and chemicals to consumers. There are over 80,000 ingredients in use in beauty products – many of which haven’t been tested for safety or regulated. That’s a pretty terrifying thought, and naturally the option for choosing organic in our beauty products becomes of paramount importance to trust that what we put on our skin is really looking after us inside and out.

Everyone should have access to take part and learn about the importance of organic beauty and wellbeing.

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What to put in your Christmas travel bag?

We have collected together our top 5 both helpful and essential items to pack during this busy festive season to ensure you get a good night’s sleep wherever you are staying.

Whether it is crashing at a friend’s house after a Christmas party, staying with a partner or visiting family for a few days, there is a good chance at this time of year that you’ll be away overnight more often than usual. What with all the Christmas wrapping to do you may find yourself with not much time to think about what to pack. This is where we can help!

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Keep Your Skin Toxic Free this Season

You get home after a Christmas party, possibly one too many mince pies down and mulled wines up, more than ready to hit the hay. Tired and late AND on a work night, you weigh up whether to go through your usual ritual of removing all your make-up before heavenly sleep… you reach for your trusted cleansing wipe to help get you there faster.

Sound familiar? We’re amidst the busy festive party season, often wearing more make-up, more often than usual, with our fuller social calendar. After a night out we often opt for the ease of removing all our make-up using face wipes, and why not? It’s much easier and faster than going through the rigmarole of our usual cleansing routine.

But have you ever considered what toxins are lurking in your trusted face wipes? The use of just one conventional wipe can apply up to 32 chemicals onto your skin!

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